Psychology can protect your employees against cyber attacks

Despite significant investments in cutting-edge cyber security systems, many businesses inadvertently neglect their most vulnerable asset – their employees. It’s often not sophisticated hacking techniques that pose the most significant risk, but rather the everyday behaviours and thought patterns of individuals within the organisation. Research consistently shows that humans can be easily manipulated into divulging […]

Allen & Overy Data Breach Explained

In the legal sector, where confidentiality is essential, the cost of a data breach can be astronomical. Crucially, while cybersecurity is often seen as a matter for IT teams, many of these breaches are not due to external threats, but human error within the firms. According to the Information Commissioner’s Office in the period from […]

Free Course: Internet Safety

February 6 marks Safer Internet Day, and we’re supporting this vital global initiative by offering our Internet Safety eLearning course for free. Our Internet Safety course teaches your staff how to identify risks like malware, phishing scams, and insecure websites so they can avoid online dangers. With our Internet Safety course, your team will: Ready […]