How to tell when your website is hacked (and what to do about it!)

Once upon a time, it seemed like it was only big corporations who were vulnerable to hacking attacks.  Today, 30,000 websites are targeted daily and 64% of businesses globally have experienced some attack.  Unfortunately, most businesses find out they’ve been breached when the harm has already been done, losing them valuable data and money.  But […]

Why is communication in cybersecurity so important?

Today, it’s virtually impossible to imagine a sector where digital technologies haven’t led to remarkable improvements in productivity and profits. As such, it’s equally hard to imagine parting ways with those technologies. It’s a reliance which has become commonplace in industries across the globe, and while there are obvious benefits, it also presents many security […]

What is the future of cybersecurity?

Despite being an integral part of modern life, there are still many people (and companies!) who don’t understand the value of cybersecurity. Indeed, even the US Government didn’t consider cybersecurity an issue worthy of a national strategy until around 2003. In recent years, due to lockdown restrictions, businesses have increased their reliance on technological and […]