Your cybersecurity jargon buster

Cybersecurity is a vast sector incorporating countless aspects of offline and online vulnerabilities. More than that, it affects everyone, from businesses and not-for-profit organisations to individuals in their everyday lives. From the outside, it can seem like an overly complex topic, especially for those who aren’t tech-savvy. One of the biggest barriers to entry is […]

Compliance training: everything you (and your organisation) need to know

No matter the scale of your organisation, compliance training is necessary to safeguard you and your organisation from legal issues further down the line. You may have heard other organisations talk about it and even know that your company needs it, but you might need help understanding why. Join us as we share precisely what […]

This month in data breaches: November edition

The season of good cheer is upon us, but not for every company. Even as many businesses start to wind down and Christmas parties get into full swing, careless errors can still cost your company thousands. Throughout November, social media platforms and public services suffered significantly from these data breaches. Curious? Read on to see […]