How experiential learning can strengthen your cybersecurity

As the risk of cyberattacks continues to grow for businesses, reaching record levels in 2020, it has never been more important to ensure that your teams stay informed about new cyber threats, as well as emerging technology and other tools that are able to enhance cybersecurity and combat online threats. Developing employee cyber awareness is […]

What is experiential learning?

Everyone knows that Investing in employee learning and development delivers countless valuable benefits to businesses, but what many forget is that in order to optimise the outputs from learning and development strategies, businesses need to deploy varied learning experiences. Learning theories have been researched for centuries, and David A. Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory is one […]

What do hackers use your data for?

You’re probably already aware that hacking is becoming a bigger and bigger problem for organisations of all sizes, despite the sophisticated cybersecurity software that is often pushed forward as a ‘cure’. 2020 was a record-breaking year for hacking attempts against UK firms, owing largely to the fact that with many of us working from home, […]

Why your business needs to build a security culture

When it comes to strengthening security within your business, there are plenty of options available. Be it installing security software as a way of protecting your systems or installing a team or individual to monitor and manage security, there are many important practices you can put in place to help protect your business. However, these […]