Cybersecurity risks and preventions in the construction industry

The construction industry has faced a number of major challenges over the last few years, from site closures in lockdown to material supply shortages, increased materials costs and even labour shortages due to Brexit immigration changes. While the construction industry is getting back to business, there is another battle to overcome. Specifically, cyberattacks are a […]

Why the energy sector faces heightened cybersecurity risk

There’s no denying that, in virtually every sector, digital technologies and transformation have enabled companies to be more connected, reliable and sustainable. Technology provides efficiency-driving benefits such as artificial intelligence and big data, helping companies improve processes, reduce costs and boost the quality of services provided to customers. Indeed, digital technologies have provided automation opportunities […]

The five huge cybersecurity threats facing the public sector

It might not be stealing the headlines in the evening news, but the truth is that the UK’s public sector is at high risk of data breaches and cyberattacks. The reason is simple, the public sector stores extensive amounts of sensitive information that cybercriminals can use for financial and political gains. Research shows that around […]

The growing cybersecurity risks in digital banking

Digital banking has seen meteoric growth since its introduction in 2007, growing year on year to reach its current peak – where 80% of bank account holders access their accounts at least partially online. Indeed, it’s predicted that living with the COVID-19 pandemic will have further accelerated online banking adoption for many consumers. The reasons […]