Backing up Data: Why Every Organisation is Under Threat

According to a 2017 Economist article, data has overtaken oil as the most valuable resource the world has to offer. It’s a startling claim, but not an untrue one. In the modern age, virtually everything we do produces data. From the journeys we take every day to the websites we browse as we sit in […]

What Happened in the New Year Honours Data Breach?

2019 was a big year for cyber security breaches, and even Christmas couldn’t slow that train, with one last story yet to hit, one that included the breach of personal details for over a thousand new years honours recipients. The list included the likes of Sir Elton John, TV Cook Nadiya Hussian along with senior […]

Why Businesses Must Take the Data Protection Act Seriously

Thee Data Protection Act, originally signed into law in 1998, has had a profound impact since its introduction over 20 years ago. Rewriting the rulebook for how businesses process data, the Data Protection Act 1998 ensured that customer data is given appropriate value within organisations. In 2018, it was brought up to date to incorporate […]