5 cybersecurity trends every CISO must prepare for in 2023

Recent years have seen the conversation about cybersecurity move from the IT department to the board room. Cybersecurity is now a top priority at every organisational level, with the number of attacks and potential penalties, both regulatory and in terms of loss of customer trust, increasing. The potential surface area for an attack has grown […]

Why organisations need to prepare for the Metaverse’s security risks

You might have heard a little bit about the Metaverse. Whether that’s Facebook’s $15 billion spent on the project so far, the giddy sounds of advertisers or users’ apparent limited enthusiasm to date, it’s almost certain you’ve heard something about the project by now. But what is the metaverse, actually? In essence, Facebook argues that […]

How to stay safe online this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner and Christmas rapidly approaching, there’s no doubt it’s the season for lighter wallets. But whilst riding the sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday can land you a fantastic deal, they’re also a beacon that attracts scam artists, fraudsters, and crooks. This is more prevalent […]