What are the most common crypto scams?

It’s impossible to overstate just how buzz-worthy cryptocurrencies and the blockchain that enable them have become over the last 10 years. From an obscure but promising alternative to fiat currencies to “digital gold”, they have become a controversial mainstay in the financial world. Over 100 million people are now using cryptocurrency exchanges, with the total […]

What are the key cybersecurity threats in the retail sector?

It goes without saying but, if your business is targeted with a cyberattack, it could cause catastrophic damage. A glance at the morning news will tell you as much. There are severe consequences for those who fall victim, from financial losses, disruption in productivity, and reputational damage to investigations from regulators. Unfortunately, cyberattacks have become […]

Will the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) impact cybersecurity?

The rapid advance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer for a huge variety of sectors from technology to healthcare, helping companies make giant leaps and greater understand their customers. Whilst AI will continue to add great value to businesses in the future, like any other technology, its use can also have a negative […]

What are 2022’s top trends in security risk management?

With businesses across every sector inviting greater digitisation into their processes and growing more reliant on technological systems to sell products, offer services and store data the level of disruption a cyberattack can cause is constant. eCommerce revenue has grown by over £5.3bn in the UK, largely as a result of the pandemic. Sectors such […]

What are the risks when bringing personal devices into the workplace?

It’ll come as no surprise to hear that, today, we’re rarely without some kind of personal computer on our person. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet or smartphone, such devices have become an integral part of our lives. In fact, latest estimates suggest that 87% of the UK population own a smartphone. No longer are our […]