Your cybersecurity awareness training questions answered

It’s 2022 and ‘cybersecurity awareness training’ has entered the lexicon for businesses of all sizes. That growing awareness is a result, largely, of highly publicised attacks involving human error. Whilst many might have heard of the term ‘cybersecurity awareness training’, understanding the fundamentals of cybersecurity awareness remains low for many. That’s why we’ve put together […]

How to take your training to the next level

Feel like your training efforts are falling flat? You’re not alone. For decades now, the mere mention of ‘training’ has struck fear into the hearts of workforces. After all, It’s a phrase synonymous with long, dreary, patronising and frequently needless training exercises, rattled off in beige conference suites. For business owners though, training is essential. […]

Feature update: Advanced email management, course creation + more!

At Bob’s Business, we’re always working to improve our products for our clients. But what features for Bob’s Culture and Bob’s Compliance have we included in our latest drop? Join us as we share everything you and your team can look forward to. Ready to get your team started with Bob’s Business? Book a demo […]

New courses: NIST, OWASP, Corporate Sustainability

At Bob’s Business, we don’t believe in standing still; especially when the needs of our clients are ever-growing. That’s why we work tirelessly to create brand-new courses that help our clients reduce their risk and tackle compliance issues with ease. Ready to get your team started with Bob’s Business? Book a demo with one of […]

What are the most common passwords of 2022?

In our ever-advancing technological age, we are constantly reminded of the importance of having strong passwords. With an uppercase letter here and a unique character there, you would think that with the many requirements needed just to have a password approved, nowadays, passwords wouldn’t be so simplistic or easy to guess. And yet, they remain […]

What is a supply chain attack and how can you prepare your business?

These days it can seem like there are more ways for cybercriminals to attack your business than minutes in the day, but it’s true: there are a myriad ways that cybercriminals can cause disruption and financial loss. More than direct attacks, cybercriminals who want to attack a specific business may even opt for other methods […]