What is a keylogger? Everything you need to know

Spotting online threats can be challenging, especially when some of these threats, like keyloggers, are practically invisible! Keylogger malware operates in the shadows like a silent spy, recording every keystroke on your system without your knowledge. This blog is here to guide you through what keylogging involves and provide you with tips to keep your […]

PCI DSS Compliance – Everything you need to know

As the year’s big shopping season approaches, SMEs like you need to have a solid understanding of PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Compliance ensure you don’t fall foul of regulations. In this blog, we’ll provide you with insights to ensure your company is PCI DSS compliant in order to minimise potential errors. […]

Free Guide: AI, Safety and Your Organisation

Discover how to unlock AI’s potential in your organisation. Our complimentary guide explains everything you need to know to adopt AI confidently. Artificial intelligence presents tremendous opportunities to streamline operations, gain insights and enhance customer experiences. However, without proper precautions, AI risks reinforcing biases, compromising data privacy, and enabling new cybersecurity threats. Our new AI […]

What you need to know from Alianz’s ‘Cyber Security Trends’ report

With ransomware attacks surging globally, awareness of cyber threats is at an all-time high. Now, insurance provider Allianz has released its annual Cyber Security Trends report, providing crucial insights businesses need to know. The report highlights developments across the cyber landscape from early 2022 through mid-2023, touching on the ongoing evolution of threats like ransomware, […]

This month in data breaches: October edition

This October, major corporations were hit with cyber tricks rather than treats! Air Europa, 23andme, Sony, and Lyca Mobile faced the scary reality of data breaches. Join us as we uncover how these companies were impacted and discover essential insights on how to protect your own business against similar cyber attacks. Let’s get into it. […]