How leaders can create a strong cybersecurity culture

Whether they know it or not, leaders play a pivotal role in shaping an organisation’s cybersecurity culture. A leader’s guidance protects a company’s cybersecurity and cultivates a team-wide mindset dedicated to effectively safeguarding the company. Cybersecurity culture encompasses the shared attitudes, behaviours, and practices that an organisation adopts to safeguard its digital assets. As the […]

Webinar: How to Embed Cybersecurity into Your Company Culture

Join our CTO, Tanmoy & Wigan Council’s CTO, Dave, as they unravel the secrets to turbocharging your organisation’s cybersecurity practices. 📅 When: October 11th, 2023, 3:00 PM (UK Time)🎙️ Host: Tanmoy Hossain, CTO, Bob’s Business🎤 Guest Speaker: Dave Pearce, CTO, Wigan Council💷 Cost: Free Who should attend? This webinar is perfect for individuals like you; […]

Why learning from mistakes is the key to cyber resilience

As organisations harness the power of the digital realm to drive growth and efficiency, they must also acknowledge the lurking threats that support this progress. The truth is no system is resistant to cyber attacks. But rather than creating a blame game around employee behaviour or sweeping mistakes under the carpet, the key path to […]

What is the most successful cyber-attack method?

In today’s digital world, where convenience and connectivity reign supreme, we find ourselves immersed in the sheer scale of the internet. From checking sports scores to making financial transactions, attending meetings across the world or immersing ourselves in video games, our lives are ever more intertwined with the online realm. However, the benefits of the […]