What is Cyber Security: Everything You Need to Know

There’s a lot of money in information, which is why threats from cybercriminals are growing increasingly common. Cyber security is arguably the most important measure modern organisations can take to keep their clients’ information safe. However, what cyber security actually entails is often misconstrued by key decision-makers within organisations. In this article, we’ll be giving […]

What Were the Most Common Passwords in 2019?

Read our updated guide to 2020’s most common passwords here! Let’s face it – few of us enjoy the process of picking a password. We’re often marooned between a simple yet memorable password and a truly secure one. The result? An epidemic of poor choices which means that, when it comes to choosing passwords, many […]

Your Email isn’t Protecting You from Phishing, Study Finds

It will come as little surprise to anyone who’s ever received a suspect looking invoice, but the major technology firms – including Apple, Google and Microsoft – are failing to protect users from phishing email threats. The confirmatory news-flash comes from Plymouths Centre for Security, Communications and Network (CSCAN), who set about finding what action […]