Perfect Passwords: Bob’s Business Ultimate Guide

How to create the perfect password Passwords are like pants. You shouldn’t leave them out where people can see them and you shouldn’t hand them out to strangers! Your password is often the only thing blocking a whole tidal wave of mischief and headaches (both for you personally, and the company you work for), so […]

Fileless Malware: Everything you Need to Know

We have always been told that the most effective way to protect ourselves online is to install some form of antivirus software, but this does not always track the data that’s leaving your organisation’s network and devices. Although it is nothing new, fileless malware is extremely powerful and can have many detrimental effects if you […]

Bob’s Business Undergoes a Brand Refresh

Bob’s Business has enjoyed every moment of over a decade of helping organisations to become more cyber secure, and we’ve loved building the relationships we have over many coffees, many phone calls and many emails. Our friendly, human and professional approach to cyber security training will never change, but our image is. Meet our new […]