What you need to know about the LastPass incident

Let’s be perfectly honest: nobody likes passwords. It’s the primary reason why the most commonly used passwords are as simple as they come – many of us feel as though we’ve got better things to do than memorise dozens (if not hundreds) of unique and secure passwords. That’s why 30% of internet users utilise password […]

How can GDPR training help protect your company?

It’s been hard to avoid hearing horror stories from those companies which have fallen foul of the EU’s GDPR rulings since their implementation almost five years ago, in May 2018. Still, for most organisations, the thought of becoming GDPR compliant is daunting – the full text is an incredible 261 pages long, after all. It […]

Why you need to protect your organisation from smishing attacks

Have you ever received a text message from a bank or a company asking you to verify your personal information or account details? If you have, you might have been a target of smishing, a type of phishing attack that uses text messages to trick you into divulging sensitive information. Smishing is a growing threat […]

This month in data breaches: February edition

Data breaches are an ever-present threat to organisations. Despite advances in cybersecurity measures, the number of reported data breaches continues to rise yearly. So far, 2023 has continued the pattern. As the calendar flipped to February, several data breaches were reported, including those affecting the NHS, Reddit, Arnold Clark, and Pepsi. Let’s take a closer […]