What is ransomware and can you prevent it?

If you’re fortunate to have never encountered the term ‘ransomware’, you’re lucky to be in the minority. Indeed, the reality of the cyber landscape is such that ransomware attacks have caused severe problems for businesses across nearly all industries, with 80% of organisations hit by a ransomware attack in 2021. But what is ransomware, how […]

How to spot and prevent malicious emails

You might have heard that phishing attacks are the most common type of cybersecurity incident we face. Well, there’s a good reason for that. Research shows that employees receive an average of 14 malicious emails annually, and new phishing scam tactics are frequently designed to catch people out. However, identifying a malicious email is not […]

What is the future of cybersecurity?

Despite being an integral part of modern life, there are still many people (and companies!) who don’t understand the value of cybersecurity. Indeed, even the US Government didn’t consider cybersecurity an issue worthy of a national strategy until around 2003. In recent years, due to lockdown restrictions, businesses have increased their reliance on technological and […]

What are the cyber-threats to the technology sector?

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that, when it comes to cyber threats, the technology sector has seen more than its fair share. In fact, research shows that an average of 150,000 threats per week were recorded against the sector in 2021. While it’s true that attacks affect every industry, the technology sector’s relentless innovation […]

The growing cybersecurity risks in digital banking

Digital banking has seen meteoric growth since its introduction in 2007, growing year on year to reach its current peak – where 80% of bank account holders access their accounts at least partially online. Indeed, it’s predicted that living with the COVID-19 pandemic will have further accelerated online banking adoption for many consumers. The reasons […]

Cyber risks: what are the impacts on the insurance industry?

To fail to plan is to plan to fail, and so every organisation is in a constant state of planning for both the best and worst-case scenarios. Increasingly, cyberattacks are a significant risk to businesses across all industries but particularly the finance sector, including insurance providers. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation projects for […]

How Bob’s Culture changes cybersecurity behaviours

Changing behaviours isn’t easy – just ask anyone with a kid – but when it comes to cybersecurity, it’s often essential. Research suggests that 90% of breaches start with human error, and so no matter how sophisticated your hardware and software cybersecurity solutions are, they can’t account for a member of your team making a […]

What are the top cybersecurity myths in the workplace?

Cybersecurity has become a top priority for businesses in all sectors,. As you can imagine, raising awareness about cybersecurity and the different types of threats is crucial to protecting your data and systems. As part of the education process, separating the facts from the fiction can help employees to form a better understanding of not […]

Why organisations should opt for a tailored cybersecurity training approach

Hands up if you’ve ever suffered through workplace training that feels like it was designed for somebody else. I’m willing to bet there’s more than a few of you out there. Traditional training approaches for topics such as cybersecurity tend to be of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ variety, with little to no consideration towards the requirements of […]