Why every cybersecurity incident should be reported

The fight against cybercrime is a constant challenge, and even businesses that invest a large budget into security software and in-house cybersecurity teams aren’t immune to cyber attacks. There are lots of different ways that criminals try to penetrate companies’ systems, although by far the most common is through your teams. Fully 90% of breaches […]

Why your business’ cybersecurity training strategy isn’t working

Having a strong cybersecurity strategy is more important than ever for businesses, with hacking attempts and other online scams growing in frequency. In a world where technological solutions are considered first, you might well be surprised to hear that 90% of cybersecurity breaches happen due to simple human error. That’s why every good cybersecurity strategy […]

How to improve cybersecurity knowledge in the workplace

Cyberattacks have become a constant problem for businesses of all sizes. Hackers cast their net far and wide, targeting all types of businesses as they look for weaknesses that they can expose and profit from. Even small businesses are at risk because hackers often believe that they will have less sophisticated security systems in place […]

GDPR for small businesses: The ultimate guide

As web technology has evolved, we’ve enjoyed the many benefits of a fully connected world. However, we can’t deny that there have been negatives, many of which relate to the ways our data is handled. One of the main concerns of using digital tools and websites is data protection, with countless of our most commonly […]