Why positive reinforcement is the key to reducing your risk of breach

When it comes to data breaches, the fact of the matter is that it’s a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’ it happens to your organisation. According to Hiscox, every 19 seconds a business in the UK is hacked, highlighting the seriousness of the threat posed by breaches. Whilst there are steps you can take to […]

Is your company’s security being jeopardised by high personnel turnover?

It goes without saying, but there are many reasons why companies should try to avoid a high turnover of staff. From the costs of recruiting and training new staff, to replacing leavers and the disruption caused by loss of expertise: the issues caused by high staff turnover are numerous. Nevertheless, some industries and job types […]

How to keep your personal information safe when ordering online

It has never been easier to shop online, with websites like Amazon, Argos and eBay promising same or next day delivery and auto-fill technology, putting an end to laborious typing-out of your card details. However, it’s a convenience that comes with risk, because whenever your card details are used online, you could potentially be handing […]

2021’s biggest breaches (and what they can teach you)

We’re officially made it to 2022, and although the New Year brings plenty of promise, there’s always value in looking back to see what we can learn from the previous twelve months. 2021 was, of course, a challenging year for many individuals and organisations for a number of reasons. Compounding those difficulties, though, data breaches […]

Melanie Oldham awarded OBE in New Years honours list

For her outstanding contributions to cybersecurity under the YCSC (Yorkshire Cyber Security Cluster), CEO of Bob’s Business, Melanie Oldham has been awarded an OBE in the Queen’s 2022 New Year’s Honours List. The award recognises Melanie’s service in helping develop cybersecurity awareness across Yorkshire and the rest of the United Kingdom. Melanie’s work in cybersecurity […]